‘Voice from an Accommodation in Makassar city of Indonesia’

Young refugees were beaten and tortured by Indonesian Immigration Officers yesterday on 12 February 2018:

We are just refugees seeking safety and peace. We faced extreme brutality in our countries of origin, which is why we had to leave. But now we are experiencing the same cruelty here, from people who are meant to keep us safe or at least protect us as long as we are in their country. Instead they are doing the opposite.

My name is not important. All that matters is that I’m a refugee seeking only justice, peace and humanity, and I desperately need your help.

I live in Makassar city, Indonesia. I’m sure you have received mail from many refugees around Makassar recently. But this case is different. On 12 February 2018, around forty immigration officers suddenly stormed into “WISMA MUSTIKA 3″ refugee accommodation in Makassar City, Indonesia. Some of the officers had covered their faces, but most had not. They arrived angry, shouting loudly in the lobby that they were looking for four people specifically. They entered the first room and captured the wafa dragging him out as if they had caught a terrorist suspect or a murderer, when in reality he is just an eighteen year old boy. They punched and slapped him repeatedly, while other officers went to find three other refugees.

The immigration officers did not explain why they were looking for these four people. They were rude, abusive and disrespectful. Groups of six or seven officers entered rooms, put their shoes on the carpets and beds, and did not even respect those who were in their rooms praying at the time. They sought them out one by one and took them outside, where with cruel, brutal inhumanity they punched their faces and bodies, slapped them, shouted at them to humiliate them, and all the time were shouting to the other refugees, ordering them to “Stay in your rooms and do not come out, or we will take you as well.”

One officer who was tall and muscular was seen beating up a person on the stairs, and shouting at him in an Indonesian accent. Another officer, who seemed to be in command, was shouting in the lobby “Who else wants to complain? Haa! Come outside.”

Then they went to another accommodation block in Jalan Landak Baru Lorong 1, Wisma Mayasara, and seized two other eighteen year-old boys, They beat them brutally, as they had done to the others.

Everything I have described here was recorded on the” CCTV” at the accommodation, from the arrival of the thirty to forty officers, through the entire time they were beating up these people and until the moment they left, taking those four refugees with them. It is all recorded on CCTV. Please send someone to check and seize the CCTV video so you can see the truth with your own eyes – unless the security officer in charge deletes those tapes by tomorrow. If that happens, just ask any of the residents in either location: they will tell you exactly what took place.

As a refugee, a human being seeking safety and peace, a person who urgently needs your attention and help, I beg you to help us. In these conditions we have no power. Please, hear our voice and help us now. You are our only hope.

Thank you so much!

We need to email amnesty international, international community to put pressure on IOM and UNHCR in Indonesia to argue with Indonesian government to protect Refugees in this country while they await resettlement.



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